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We Are Segment is an Italian company, founded in 2014 as part of the Interlogica group, active within the cyber security and ethical hacking fields.

From the ambition of a group of specialists – and guardians – of digital security to transform their own passion into a project which brings along benefits to online communities, We Are Segment presents a wide range of services and solutions for all companies which have need of data protection, security systems check and products safety increase.

Security is the core concept upon which we chose to build our business structure: our team is constantly doing research on solutions that ease identification, analysis and fixing of the most recent vulnerabilities. In doing so, we must be updated even in defence techniques as well as in the safest prevention strategies.

People increasingly expose themselves online, providing personal, and sometimes sensitive, information on the web, causing the continuous rise in digital-related crimes throughout the years. Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security organizations are the solution to this problem.
Segment was born from a group of ethical hackers – amongst the most prominent of the underground Italian hacking scene – who join forces to supply all those services necessary to contrast any kind of digital crime and guarantee the security of your business.

Our goal is to bring attention on security among our client’s businesses.
We are committed in making security the main concern of a company, which should come to understand the relevance of prevention from data loss and privacy violations, usually caused by the new threats on the web.
We are acting against the exponential growth of cyber-attacks that have paralyzed organizations all over the world: between 2016 and 2017 there have been numerous large-scale cyber-attacks that threatened individuals and many private or public companies operating in different industries.

White hat vs. Black hat

A common way of depicting the contrast of these two rival figures in today’s modern digital arena is by labelling them as White Hat – the ethical hacker that fights the abuse of the digital systems with positive ends – and the Black Hat –the criminal hacker that seeks to break the law.
Therefore, it is important to understand the hacker’s world. You should think about hacker’s thoughts and of being a hacker: an ethical hacker to win the battle for security.
Ethical hackers and criminal hackers use the same tools but the difference stands on the perspective: ethical hackers look at the concept of security from an attacker’s point of view.
Digital security experts are essential assets in a business team in order to ensure the protection of know-how, and more generally, of all sensitive data.

Who are the Hackers?
What is Ethical Hacking?

We call hackers those experts able to use IT tools and strategies in order to solve the web’s and PC’s vulnerabilities.
A bad reputation stuck on these professionals regarding the use of their skills, that’s why they are often named and identified as web criminals.
It is common to use the term hackers when referring to web criminals that violate others’ private space and information (cybercrime).
In doing so, hackers are subject to prejudice until nowadays.

We Are Segment’s Culture

Hacking is part of We Are Segment’s DNA and is, therefore, the main pillar which defines the company’s philosophy.
Hacker culture comes from people that deal with all kinds of technological challenges, using creativity to overcome the limits of IT systems and transforming them into something new.
Curiosity is what drives them to study these systems in depth in order to discover errors and flaws that would otherwise go unnoticed. Thanks to his research, the hacker develops and evolves his techniques and strategies with which he identifies the weaknesses of on and offline systems. Every hacker shapes and keeps secret his own strategy. Thinking outside the box is therefore a defining feature of a successful hacker.

The ethical hacker is a digital security professional that has made the right choice.

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Computer Hazards 4.0

Filippo Cavallarin, We are Segment CEO, attends the A Digital Single Market for Europe: Digital Competence in Industry 4.0 conference, hosted by Ca ‘Foscari University in Venice.

Ransomware? What are they and how to defend themselves

During the latest big ransomware attack, Petya-NotPetya – spread through the same WannaCry malware exploit, named EternalBlue – Filippo Cavallarin, We are Segment CEO, tried to explain in detail some key points of the issue:
– What is a ransomware?
– Why and how have these latest computer attacks been so damaging?
– How does the propagation system work?
– What countermeasures can be employed to protect users’ computers?

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