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Ransomware? What are they and how to defend themselves

During the latest big ransomware attack, Petya-NotPetya – spread through the same WannaCry malware exploit, named EternalBlue – Filippo Cavallarin, We are Segment CEO, tried to explain in detail some key points of the issue:
– What is a ransomware?
– Why and how have these latest computer attacks been so damaging?
– How does the propagation system work?
– What countermeasures can be employed to protect users’ computers?

Mac OS X Local Javascript Quarantine Bypass

Mac OS X prior to version 10.13 contains a vulnerability that allows the bypass of the Apple Quarantine and the execution of arbitrary Javascript code without restrictions.

Hacker: Filippo Cavallarin

How do you become a hacker? Filippo Cavallarin, We are Segment CEO, has developed his passion for computing since his childhood. At the age of 13, he spent his time disassembling printed circuit board (PCB) and figuring out how his computer’s operating system worked.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Client for Mac Remote Code Execution

A vulnerability exists in Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac that allows a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code on the target machine. User interaction is needed to exploit this issue, but a single click on a link (sent via mail, iMessage, etc.) is sufficient to trigger the vulnerability.

Hacker: good or bad

Who is a hacker really?

NotPetya ransomware: Do you need help?

The new #NotPetya ransomware is exploiting the same vulnerability as #WannaCry and is spreading all over the world. This malware – along with Eternal Blue which is an exploit recently stolen from the NSA arsenal – has already damaged many IT infrastructures of government, companies and international agencies among Russia, Ukraine, Britain and Italy.

Computer Hazards 4.0

Filippo Cavallarin, We are Segment CEO, attends the A Digital Single Market for Europe: Digital Competence in Industry 4.0 conference, hosted by Ca ‘Foscari University in Venice.

From Arbitrary File Write to Code Execution on Mac OSX

Filippo Cavallarin, CEO at Segment, talks about cyber security during ESC 2016 in Tessera